Here are some tips and informations to send us by email , to structure your ideas and that will help us to understand your project.


Send us all informations in one email , the most your message will be effective the faster we will respond to you (Allow 1 month).
We answer emails in a chronological order, so if you end us an other email for news you'll have to wait more.


Make us dream , avoid the great classic from google or seen and reviewed tattoo and do not be too prescriptive, our goal and our desire is to make you an unique tattoo, let us that opportunity , otherwise it may be that we refuse the project.


Write us only at :



In the Subject, we need : Your Name , Place ( guest, convention), Tattooist .



In the mail :

- Full name, phone number ( and Skype if you are out of France ) .

- Desired Tattooist ( Guillaume, Emilie or collaboration ).

- Place To get a tattoo ( convention, guest ).

- When do you want to get tattooed

- Emplacement On the body ( picture ) ( indicate whether there are other tattoos nearly).

- Size Desired ( approximately ).

- 3/4 Photos to capture your tastes ( no links ).

- Description Briefly the desired tattoo ( only few words ) .


- Tell us about the history and emotions to transcribe in this tattoo .
- Is there a budget to consider ?

I draw your attention to the fact that if you like thentattoos we do, it's because we direct in large part the look of the tattoo, so the most freedom we'll have, the better we can work on.


Once we have all informations, we will contact you (allow 1month) to talk about your project and explain our functioning and subsequently give you a price and take an appointment.

Thank you and see you soon